Friday, August 19, 2016

Why It's So Important For Children To Be Active

As a parent I’m sure almost all of you know the difficulty caused by trying to keep your children active. In this day and age it is just too easy to let them sit in front of the TV all day or on the computer. There are so many benefits for children through playing sport and keeping active. Now is the time to try and instil this healthy habit into your children to help them stay healthy in their adult lives.

  • What Are The Benefits?
Lifelong habits develop during childhood, such as eating and exercise habits. Introducing exercise as a normal way of life and something that must be done regularly will encourage your children to continue with this habit in their adult lives. It also helps them maintain a healthy weight as a child, making maintaining a healthy weight as an adult easier too. Regular exercise improves sleep. Sleeping well is very important for your child during their education. Sleep allows them to process everything they have learnt during the day and be more alert while learning. Children who exercise regularly generally have a better personal body image and more self esteem. Watching as a parent during sport can also help build a child’s confidence as they are aware of you watching. This encourages them to aim to improve regularly. Playing team sports especially helps with friendship building and confidence.
  • Getting Them Moving With Activities For Kids
It is important to keep exercise a fun activity. It’s vital that children do not feel like it is a chore that they have to do. Exercise should be something they look forward to doing and want to excel in. Coming up with fun and different activities can be difficult. There are the usual classes that children can take part in such as kids football classes, ballet and dancing. Some that are a little more uncommon but still popular with children are roller hockey, horse riding and gymnastics. But some children may be unwilling to join in with organized activities, and even if they do take part these are activities than they can usually only take part a couple of times a week. Heaps of encouragement is always good, but why not take on some activities yourself, or if you can join in with your children! If you are constantly encouraging your children to take exercise, but taking none yourself they will pick up on this. So really insist that exercise is something everybody needs to do by doing some regular exercise yourself!
  • What Fun But Simple Activity’s Can Your Children Do?
So what can you do to get your children moving in between any classes they might take part in? Here are some simple suggested activities for kids -
  1. Swimming- If you have an afternoon to spare, why not take your children to your nearest swimming park. Unlike a swimming lesson it will seem like a fun day out. But there is a lot of exercise involved. A pool with water slides is great, to keep them moving in and out of the water.
  2. Water Pistols- Is it one of those hot days where all the children want to do is sit in front of the TV staying cool in doors? Why not suggest they cool down by playing in the garden with water pistols. Invite a couple of their friends over and they will be running round for hours.
  3. Roller skating- Roller discos are great. Your child will feel excited to be at their first ever ‘disco,’ while all the while they will be constantly moving. Even better if they can go with friends!
Just adding a few extra weekly activities to your child’s routine can make all the difference. And it doesn’t have to cost loads either. Just a few bits of equipment are all you need to get them taking part in fun activities.

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