Monday, August 15, 2016

The Best Pets For Kids: Choosing Your Child’s First Pet

Dogs have various personalities and character traits so when you choose your dog; you should take these factors into account. For example, you may prefer a small breed over a large one, or one with long hair as opposed to short hair. Labrador Retrievers, for example, have been found to be a good fit for children and families so you may decide that they are the most suitable breed.

Children can play with and teach a dog commands so therefore have a vital role to play in the dog’s training. Dogs require feeding daily, whether one large meal or two smaller ones; one in the morning and one in the evening, depending on which is more convenient for you. There are a number of brands available such as Royal Canin, Hills Prescription Diet and Eukanuba. Giving your child the responsibility is a big decision as the dog will rely on the child for its basic essentials. It also requires its water bowl to be topped up every few days. It is a great way to teach a child responsibility, however.

Dogs also need frequent grooming; sometimes even more, depending on what time of year it is. Towards the end of the tear, they typically gain a winter coat before shedding their coat in spring in preparation for summer. Your child can groom the dog on a weekly basis which again, enables him to show more responsibility. There are numerous websites out there with information on dog food and dog care products.

The Best Pets For Kids: Choosing Your Child’s First Pet 

Cats require little maintenance compared to dogs so may be a better suit for your child. Even if you travel on a regular basis, a cat can stay at home and be attended to by a pet sitter for its basic needs. A cat can be an ideal pet if you don’t spend much time at home as they are typically more suited to cats than dogs. Of course, they do like attention and would like to spend some time with its owner. You again need to think about which breed is best for you child. Some are cuddlier than others whilst others are more outgoing. Your cat can be stimulated by your child playing with it.

Cat care also important as they need to be fed either one or twice on a daily basis and their water will need to be refilled. Your child can do this and learn how important it is to the welfare of the cat. They will further need grooming so you can arrange a day every week with your child so that he can get into a routine.

You need to decide on whether you should get a cat flap or not so that your cat has the freedom to come and go as it pleases. It may still require a litter box, however, and it would need to be taught how to use it. Your child can help with this.

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