Sunday, December 25, 2016

5 amazing ideas to deal with an awful bedroom

For a relaxed and perfect home environment you need to sleep properly. For a healthy sleep the sleeping habits and the bedroom décor plays a vital role in everyone’s life. To let you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep here I am going to share some of the most interesting yet easy ways to deal with your bedroom decoration.

Let's take a look to the following amazing tips and suggestions.

    Plan for a specific theme:

The first you can do to give your room a new and attractive looks is that you need to decide for a specific theme.
You can choose any of the themes like Zibmak, Australian or you can go for the themes regarding colors. Make sure that the theme should be according to the size and shape of the room. Like I small rooms you can pick soft pastel colors but the dark and sharp shades will spoil the entire room décor.

Apart from this you can combine two different themes to create an appealing ambiance with an amazing combination.

    Deal with the walls:

Walls cover a huge area of any of the room. While dealing with the wall you need to focus on certain important areas which include the wall paint and its ornamentation with wall hangings. Here again I will suggest you to consider the size of your room before fixing any of the wall paints.   If you have a small size bedroom then it will be preferable for you to apply a plain paint over the walls.

Though there are several wall techniques like silk wall and many more but for a small or medium sized bedroom, plain walls tinted in a lighter shade will be a perfect option. Other than wall paint the adornment is also very important. For this you can fix creative all hangings like stone mosaic and other artistic wall art.

    Cover the windows:

The beauty lies in completion and perfection. If you have treated with all other portions and you left the windows naked, it will surely reflects a bad image on the viewers and will also be very uncomfortable for you. You can fix a rod with curtains containing rings to give a modish style to your room. Moreover, presently the use of artistically designed blinds is also very popular among most of the designers. So, this was all about a bedroom décor. If you wish for more comfort along with elegance then cheap leather beds can be a perfect option for you.

    Give a new look to your master bed:

The bed is supposed to be the focal point of the room and while dealing with the bedroom renovation we cannot avoid it. You can repaint the bed or either you can give it a new look by proper cleaning. Let it be wrapped in attractive bedding with a placement of soft cushions in a variety of shapes, but make sure that the number of cushions other than pillows should not be more than 3. Too much cushions will give a cluttered look.

    Add variety:

Though monotony is often an optimistic approach but in interiors variety is much more appreciable. This variety can be added through colors, shapes and forms. The easiest way to add interest is by selecting different light fixtures presenting a variable effect within your room.

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